[PATCH 02/12] IB/ehca: Add 1 is not longer needed because of firmware interface change

Joachim Fenkes FENKES at de.ibm.com
Fri Sep 14 23:48:00 EST 2007

Roland Dreier <rdreier at cisco.com> wrote on 12.09.2007 22:21:54:

> What happens if someone runs the new driver with older firmware?  Or
> what if someone upgrades the firmware without updating the driver?

Thanks for pointing our noses to this. Your comment triggered some further 
internal discussions about the meaning of the values for the current 
system implementation. We'll think this one over again and repost the 
final solution in time for 2.6.24-rc1.

If the rest of this patchset is okay with you, could you apply it and 
leave out this one patch? The patchset will apply cleanly without it.


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