[PATCH 10/10] mpc82xx: Add pq2fads board support.

Scott Wood scottwood at freescale.com
Fri Sep 14 07:20:07 EST 2007

Kumar Gala wrote:
> No problem.  The cpm2_* code in the kernel is used on 85xx's that have a 
> CPM and I don't think we have that much ifdef for 85xx specific CPM 
> foo.  Only thing I can think of is this bit in cpm2.h:
> #if defined(CONFIG_8272) || defined(CONFIG_MPC8555)
> #define CPM_DATAONLY_SIZE       ((uint)(8 * 1024) - CPM_DATAONLY_BASE)
> #define CPM_FCC_SPECIAL_BASE    ((uint)0x00009000)
> #else

CPM_FCC_SPECIAL_BASE doesn't appear to be used anywhere in arch/powerpc.
CPM_DATAONLY_SIZE shouldn't be used anymore after this patchset.


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