[PATCH 0/3] IB/ehca: MR/MW fixes

Joachim Fenkes fenkes at de.ibm.com
Fri Sep 14 02:14:13 EST 2007

This patchset replaces Nam's previous MR/MW patch (posted by me). I split
the #define fixes into a separate patch and moved the "is the memory from
hugetlbfs?" code into ib_umem_get().

[1/3] fixes the page size HW cap defines
[2/3] adds the hugetlb test to ib_umem_get()
[3/3] finally uses the hugetlb flag in ehca_reg_user_mr()

The patches should apply cleanly, in order, on top of my previous 12-patch
set. Please review the changes and apply the patches for 2.6.24 if they are


Joachim Fenkes  --  eHCA Linux Driver Developer and Hardware Tamer
IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH  --  Dept. 3627 (I/O Firmware Dev. 2)
Schoenaicher Strasse 220  --  71032 Boeblingen  --  Germany
eMail: fenkes at de.ibm.com

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