[PATCH] IB/ehca: Make sure user pages are from hugetlb before using MR large pages

Christoph Raisch RAISCH at de.ibm.com
Thu Sep 13 19:49:19 EST 2007

Roland Dreier wrote on 13.09.2007 06:33:45:

> Also if someone runs a kernel with 64K pages on a machine where they
> end up being simulated from 4K pages, do you have the same issue with
> the hypervisor ganging together non-contiguous pages?
With todays hypervisor and todays pagesizes and todays MMUs
we don't have this problem if eHCA is enabled.

It is difficult to make predictions about the future,
but that's not specific to driver development. ;-)

>  - R.

 - Christoph R.

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