Define termios_1 functions for powerpc, s390, avr32 and frv

Michael Neuling mikey at
Thu Sep 13 17:22:36 EST 2007

> > Commit f629307c857c030d5a3dd777fee37c8bb395e171 introduced uses of
> > kernel_termios_to_user_termios_1 and user_termios_to_kernel_termios_1
> > on all architectures.  However, powerpc, s390, avr32 and frv don't
> > currently define those functions since their termios struct didn't
> > need to be changed when the arbitrary baud rate stuff was added, and
> > thus the kernel won't currently build on those architectures.
> alpha, parisc, sh, sparc{64,}, xtensa are still broken with this error...

They need to include <asm-generic/termios.h> in asm-<arch>/termios.h
like in powerpc.

Alternatively tonyb's patch should fix them.  Could also do that?


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