[PATCH] [RFC][POWERPC] Merge 32 and 64 bit pci_process_bridge_OF_ranges() instances

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Sep 13 00:51:25 EST 2007

>>>> +struct ranges_pci {
>>>> +	unsigned int pci_space;
>>>> +	u64 pci_addr;
>>>> +	phys_addr_t phys_addr;
>>>> +	u64 size;
>>>> +} __attribute__((packed));
>>>> +
>>> This structure definition uses unaligned members because of the
>>> 'packed' attribute. Is that really what you intended?
>> yes, exactly, because I'm mapping this struct on ranges extracted from
>> the dts instead of juggling with ranges[foo] offsets.
> I see. It does however look wrong to me, because you are using a 
> hardcoded
> phys_addr_t type. This breaks when phys_addr has a different size from 
> what
> you expect, e.g. when booting a pure 32 bit kernel on a machine that 
> has
> a 64 bit physical address space.

More generally, you can even have a different size for the "phys_addr"
for different nodes in the same device tree.

You really should look at the #address-cells in this node's parent,
and translate that all the way up to the root node to get a CPU


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