Adeos patch for 2.6.15 ppc kernel

Johan Borkhuis j.borkhuis at
Wed Sep 12 19:33:31 EST 2007

Konstantin Boyanov wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I have a simple question - where can I find an Adeos patch for a 
> 2.6.15 kernel? I'm trying to integrate Xenomai in it, but as I read in 
> the installation notes i first must patch a fresh kernel with a 
> corresponding adeos patch. I googled around but found nothing of use, 
> only the latest patches for 2.6.20-2.6.22, and also the denx linux-2.6 
> git repository. Is the kernel there already patched wiht adeos?
> Any help and guidance are highly apreciated.

There are ppc-patches available for kernel 2.6.13, 2.6.14, 2.6.18 and 
2.6.19. For powerpc there are patches available for 2.6.20 and newer.

Kind regards,
    Johan Borkhuis

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