[PATCH 8/9] 8xx: Adder 875 support

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Fri Sep 7 05:36:07 EST 2007

> BTW, IEEE1275 seems to disagree:

No it doesn't.

>   A manufacturer-dependent string that generally specifies the model 
> name
>   and number (including revision level) for this device. The format of
>   the text string is arbitrary, although in conventional usage the 
> string
>   begins with the name of the device's manufacturer as with the name
>   property.

That would be "0ABCDEF,Adder MPC875" or "VWXYZ,Adder MPC875" --
not "some random string without a comma Adder MPC875".

>   Although there is no standard interpretation for the value of the 
> model
>   property, a specific device driver might use it to learn, for 
> instance,
>   the revision level of its particular device.

i.e., it is machine readable.


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