[NEWBIE] Interrupt-problem mpc5200

S. Fricke silvio.fricke at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 6 23:30:51 EST 2007

Hello all.

What are the steps to configure an MPC500B-Board to react on an IRQ (2)?

I have written a test-driver with this code-snippets, but the prozessor
hangs when loading the driver.

my __init-function looks like:

static int __init mod_init( void ) 
    volatile static struct mpc52xx_intr __iomem *intr;
    u32 intr_ctrl;

    // ...

    printk( "intmod.ko: interrupt init ");
    if (request_irq(MPC52xx_IRQ2, intmod_isr, IRQF_SHARED , "intmod",
                INTMOD_IRQ_BOARD) == -EBUSY)

    intr = ioremap(MPC52xx_MBAR+MPC52xx_INTR_OFFSET, MPC52xx_INTR_SIZE);

    // read - modify - write
    intr_ctrl = in_be32(&intr->ctrl);
    intr_ctrl &= 0xfff3ffff;
    intr_ctrl |= 0x00080200;
    out_be32(&intr->ctrl, intr_ctrl);       // ERROR!

    if(intr) iounmap(intr);

    // ...

On the Line, marked with "ERROR!" the prozessor hangs and the kernel drops

TIA: Silvio

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