[PATCH v7 3/3] [POWERPC] MPC832x_RDB: update dts to use SPI1in QE, register mmc_spi stub

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Fri Sep 7 00:29:03 EST 2007

>>> AFAIK, there is no other standard data structure that could take 
>>> place
>>> of the par_io nodes in the DTS.
>> The device tree is not a dumping ground for all your "I need some
>> standard data structure" stuff.  Use an XML file if you have to ;-)
> Bah.  How about we just remove the nodes you don't want to see before
> passing it on to the kernel? :-)

That is fine.  In fact, LinuxBIOS will probably do similar things.

Since this node will have one user only, feel free to create a
format for it that is as simple as possible for what you need
it for, there's no need to follow any conventions (as long as
you can create a _real_ tree from it later ;-) )


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