[PATCH 1/9] 8xx: Fix CONFIG_PIN_TLB.

Scott Wood scottwood at freescale.com
Thu Sep 6 13:01:46 EST 2007

On Wed, Sep 05, 2007 at 03:42:03PM -0700, Dan Malek wrote:
> On Sep 5, 2007, at 3:23 PM, Scott Wood wrote:
> >The IMMRs I've seen from the bootloader are ff000000 (Freescale  
> >boards)
> >and fa200000 (Embedded Planet).  AFAICT, the number of fixed TLB  
> >entries
> >is fixed at 4 on these chips, so using the fourth for flash  
> >wouldn't take
> >away any general-purpose TLB entries.
> On these same boards, the memory controllers are usually
> configured to put the flash somewhere in that space as well.

Not on any of the boards I've worked with.

> >I certainly agree that it would be nice to check -- my immediate goal
> >is to get things working, though.
> It's more than nice.  If you want this to work correctly and also get
> the performance enhancement, it needs to be done.

And my point was that getting that performance enhancement is "nice". 
It's not there now.  If you want to submit a patch to add it, go right
ahead, but it's not really related to this patch.


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