Sleep problems with kernels >= 2.6.21 on powerpc

Randy Dunlap randy.dunlap at
Thu Sep 6 03:58:25 EST 2007

Stefan Richter wrote:
> Randy Dunlap wrote:
>> On Wed, 5 Sep 2007 10:07:54 -0700 Andrew Morton wrote:
>>>> So here is the output from dmesg that suggested to me that firewire 
>>>> might be a problem:
>>> Straightforward regression, two reporters, nothing happening.
>> (material for ksummit discussion, e.g.)
> It's a simple thing in this incident:  I don't read all posts on LKML.
> But I typically catch everything where I am in the CC list thanks to the
> wonders of sieve.  Andrew, thanks for putting me in the CCs.

I understand.  I just meant the general trend, nothing specific
to this thread.

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