Please help me with my opb_ethernet driver!!!

xu chen chenxurcy at
Tue Sep 4 11:31:24 EST 2007

I have used ml403 reference board recently, and now I am porting the opb_ethernet driver downloaded from the net onto the board. I use the EDK9.1 developing environment, and the driver files like "xemac.c" are copied from the EDK drivers lib. My opb_ethernet driver can work in the "No DMA mode", but the speed of FIFO is too slow to transport big files. So I transfer to "Simple DMA mode". I configured the hardware IP core in the EDK, in details, I only changed the DMA mode of opb_ethernet IP core to "Simple DMA", and then synthesize the hardware again. After that I recompile the kernel of the new xparameters.h file. But when I ping the board, in the Recv ISR function, the result of DMA operation from Recv FIFO to kernel memory is always "DMA timed out". I checked the pdf of opb_ethernet and the ipif, but I can't find any problem, especially the manner of DMA. I can only guess that there are some problems in the hardware configuration, so who can help me about that problem?
 Thank you very much.

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