Section mismatch in 2.6.23-rc4

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Sat Sep 1 00:32:11 EST 2007

On Fri, 31 Aug 2007 14:25:34 +0200
"Hommel, Thomas (GE Indust, GE Fanuc)" <Thomas.Hommel at>

> When compiling a kernel, I get the warnings below. 
> I am using ARCH=powerpc and 'make mpc8641_hpcn_defconfig', 'make
> uImage'. This didn't appear in 2.6.22, but in
> arch/powerpc/kernel/head_32.S and setup_32.c, the section info
> apparently didn't change. 

Kumar Galak has a patch series that clean these warnings up for ppc32.


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