Bootup support for watchdog with short timeout (touch_nmi_watchdog()?)

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Wed Oct 31 08:23:13 EST 2007

Hello Stefan,

In message <200710301216.15033.stefan.roese at> you wrote:
> I already have it running on my system using a quick hack (see patch below) in 
> include/asm-ppc/nmi.h (yes, still arch/ppc for now :-( ). But for a clean 
> implementation, that has chances for upstream merge (in arch/powerpc later), 
> I would really like to hear if I should move on further this way. 
> My impression is, that changing the name from touch_nmi_watchdog() to 
> something like touch_watchdog(), and therefore touching lots of files, makes 
> it more unlikely that this resulting patch will get accepted. But 
> implementing this bootup watchdog support in asm-ppc(asm-powerpc)/nmi.h 
> header seems also not totally correct, since it's not really an NMI in this 
> case.

Indeed. Using the header file <asm/nmi.h> is seriously misleading for
the PowerPC version, as is the function name touch_nmi_watchdog() -
thius has nothing to do with NMIs on PowerPC, and most probably not on
any other non-x86 architecture as well. 

To make this mechanism generally usable (which is a good idea IMO) the
names should be changed to get rid of the "nmi" reference.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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