[PATCH 6/7] [POWERPC] mpc8568mds.dts: fix PCI/PCIe nodes

Anton Vorontsov avorontsov at ru.mvista.com
Mon Oct 8 22:08:49 EST 2007

On Fri, Oct 05, 2007 at 03:58:00PM -0500, Kumar Gala wrote:
> On Oct 5, 2007, at 1:05 PM, Anton Vorontsov wrote:
>> On Fri, Oct 05, 2007 at 09:56:46PM +0400, Sergei Shtylyov wrote:
>>> Hello.
>>> Anton Vorontsov wrote:
>>>> Commit 5bece127f0666996ca90772229e00332a34e516c tried to fix
>>>> PCI/PCIe nodes, but actually it broke them even harder. ;-)
>>>    Of course. But shouldn't those be the subnoses of the "soc" type node?
>> Nope. PCI's ranges = <>; isn't in the SOC address space.
>> Valentine Barshak posted a patch titled "[RFC] [PATCH] PowerPC: Add 64-bit
>> phys addr support to 32-bit pci" that started using of_translate_address()
>> for ranges, and of_translate_address() will not work if PCI placed in the
>> SOC node. Not sure if that patch applied or not, though.
> I'm confused, what's the actual issue with PCI that this patch addresses?

Which patch? Valentine's or mine under the subject? Don't know about the
former, but mine patch is pretty obvious: your commit
5bece127f0666996ca90772229e00332a34e516c moved PCI nodes out of soc node,
but you forgot to change regs = <>, thus instead of e000a000/e0008000,
kernel used a000/8000 for accessing PCI ccsr registers.

Anton Vorontsov
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