[PATCH 2/3] [libata] pata_of_platform: OF-Platform PATA device driver

Sergei Shtylyov sshtylyov at ru.mvista.com
Thu Nov 29 03:11:19 EST 2007

Anton Vorontsov wrote:

>>>>This driver nicely wraps around pata_platform library functions,
>>>>and provides OF platform bus bindings to the PATA devices.

>>>>+static struct of_device_id pata_of_platform_match[] = {
>>>>+     { .compatible = "pata-platform", },

>>>"pata-platform" really means nothing outside of linux. A more
>>>generic label would be useful.

> Agreed.

    Now you're quick to agree. :-)

>>Maybe the name of the standards it supports? Could be
>>"ata-4", "ata-5" and the like, or the exact transfer mode, like
>>"pata-udma-5", "pata-pio-3", "sata-150", etc.

> You're quite optimistic about pata_platform capabilities. ;-)

    Indeed. :-)

> As far as I know it is [obviously] supports PIO modes only. And so
> far I was able to get max 5.28 MB/s read transfers. Which looks like
> ideal case for PIO1 (CF I'm testing on is 3.0, max. PIO4).

    Believe me, it's a great speed even for PIO4. Most systems only show 3+ 
MiB/s in this mode according to hdparm.

> I've modified pio_mask appropriately, plus I've tried to comment
> out .set_mode = pata_platform_set_mode, and now it says:

> ata5: PATA max PIO4 mmio cmd 0xf0000000 ctl 0xf000020c irq 24
> ata5.00: CFA: TOSHIBA THNCF512MQG, 3.00, max PIO4
> ata5.00: configured for PIO4
> ata5.00: configured for PIO4

> That looks good, but speed is the same. Oh well, it's another
> matter.

> Back to dts, I think pata-pio-X is good scheme. That way we can
> pass pio_mask via device tree. Sounds reasonable?

    Grumble. Can't we pass this via some property other than "compatible"? I'm 
opposed to "ata-5" and the like in there as well cause it's not clear what 
information this would provide. Why people so love to make things complex WRT 
the "compatible" property -- instead of making the task of selecting a proper 
driver more simple, they tend to make it mode complex by trying to specify 
values that have quite little to do with the device's programming interface 

MBR, Sergei

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