Revisited, audio codec device tree entries.

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Tue Nov 20 02:33:12 EST 2007

On 11/19/07, Timur Tabi <timur at> wrote:
> Jon Smirl wrote:
> > In the ALSA SOC model the i2s, codec and ac97 drivers are all generic.
> > A fabric driver tells specifically how a generic codec is wired into
> > the board. What I haven't been able figure out is how to load the
> > right fabric driver.
> Do not use the device tree to load the fabric driver!

Heh, technically you can't use the device tree to load any device
drivers, it's just a data structure.  :-)

You probably mean "don't use the of_platform bus to load the fabric
driver".  He still needs to use the data in the device tree to decide
what fabric drivers to use.  of_platform_bus would be awkward to use
for this because the node describing the fabric doesn't cleanly sit on
any particular bus (ie. it describes the board; it does not describe
the device).

In this case; it probably is appropriate to have the platform code
instantiate a platform_device for the fabric (instead of an
of_platform device) which the fabric driver can bind against.

Another option is to explicitly call of_platform_device_create in the
platform code on the fabric node (which should be a child of the root
node) so that you can have an of_platform_bus fabric driver.


> The layout of the hardware and the relationship between the I2S, I2C, codec,
> and whatever device is determined by *both* the fabric driver and the device
> tree.  The information about the devices itself, and *some* information about
> their relationship is stored in the device tree.  Everything else is in the
> fabric driver.
> The design of the device tree is already locked in stone, so to speak.  The DT
> can only store what it is allowed to store.  If there's something more that
> you need, you'll have to put it in the fabric driver.
> If I weren't on vacation this week, I'd email you my code.  It's almost done
> and it demonstrates what I'm thinking.
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