Do not depend on MAX_ORDER when grouping pages by mobility

Mel Gorman mel at
Thu Nov 15 21:13:58 EST 2007

On (15/11/07 14:17), Stephen Rothwell didst pronounce:
> Hi Mel,
> On Wed, 14 Nov 2007 18:10:45 +0000 mel at (Mel Gorman) wrote:
> >
> > libhugetlbfs test suite and boot test on iSeries is sufficient in this
> > case. However, the version I sent would break on IA-64 due to the lack of
> > a definition for HPAGE_SHIFT when CONFIG_HUGETLB_PAGE is not set. Can you
> > confirm this patch still fixes the problem please? If it does, I'll send
> > it to Andrew as a fix for 2.6.24. Whether iSeries is legacy or not, this is
> > breakage and should be fixed.
> The new patch works fine.  I reran the libhugetlbfs tests on a Power5+
> machine and the ppc64_defconfig boots on legacy iSeries.

Thanks a million for reporting and testing. I've pushed the patch to Andrew.

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