printk/console_init - baud rate setting

Siva Prasad sprasad at
Thu Nov 15 13:17:31 EST 2007

Thanks Segher.

It was because of the BASE_BAUD value. We are working at 600MHz, not
18.432. After that change, it worked fine.


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> Thanks for your response Segher.

> I already have the command line "console=ttyS0, 115200". Now, how to
> make sure that 115200 setting is calculated properly for the use by
> driver.
> In other words, can you kind enough to please let me know how 115200
> supported by the driver, based on the clock frequency.

That is solely the driver's own responsibility, you'll have to look
at the source code.  8250 typically just assumes 18.432MHz.


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