DMA interrupt is not generating in MPC8641D

sivaji rameshmrm at
Thu Nov 15 01:32:48 EST 2007


We have designed a MPC8641D based AMC card. As part of our customer
requirement for a PCIe messaging driver for communicating between the
MPC8641D AMC card as the PCIe target and the MPC8548E AMC card as the Host.

We are using the DMA for transferring data between the boards thru' PCIe.
The DMA Interrupt on the target end is not getting registered and hence we
face the issue (ie) No interrupt is generated after DMA transfer completion.

As per datasheet(Rev. 1, 05/2007) page no:445 interrupt number for
DMAchannel 1 is 4. We are using linux kernel version :2.6.23-rc3. According
to file (include/asm-powerpc/irq.h) line no:636 the interrupt number for DMA
in linux is 20(decimal). When using this interrupt number 20 we are not able
to registerd the DMA interrupts.

1. Linux is configured in SMP mode.
2. Value of Device status register(0xf80E000C)  : 0x0aa28747 

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