[PATCH 0/5] fixups for mpc8360 rev. 2.1 erratum #2 (RGMII Timing)

Anton Vorontsov avorontsov at ru.mvista.com
Fri Nov 9 01:16:11 EST 2007

On Mon, Nov 05, 2007 at 12:15:30PM -0600, Kim Phillips wrote:
> Hello all,
> the following patches fix RGMII timing for rev. 2.1 of the mpc8360,
> according to erratum #2 (erratum text included below).  Basically the
> most intrusive part is the addition of two new RGMII Internal Delay
> modes; one for TX delay only, and the other for RX delay only (i.e, not
> both at the same time).
> Please review, and since this affects both netdev and powerpc trees,
> one maintainer should ack them for the other to push upstream (i.e,
> Kumar acks them, and Leo picks them up to go through netdev or the
> other way around; either way is fine with me).  I'm hoping they're
> trivial enough to go in 2.6.24.
> Depending on how the review goes, a follow-on patch to u-boot will be
> sent out that fixes up the phy-connection-type in the device tree (from
> "rgmii-id" to "rgmii-rxid" iff on mpc8360rev2.1).

I've upgraded CPU to rev2.1, board rev0.3.

Applied 5/5 patches onto paulus/powerpc.git at e403149c92a. Here is
the results:

If I use -rxid, then geth not able to transmit anything.
With -txid geth not able to receive anything.

With just -id everything works fine though...

Maybe there should be another condition, in addition to cpu rev2.1?

> Thanks,
> Kim
> mpc8360 rev 2.1 erratum #2:
> -----------
> Recommended AC timings for chip 8360Rev2.1 UCC ETH RGMII  when working
> with Rev Pilot MDS for proper RGMII operation:
> IMMR_BASE + 0x14A8[4:5] = 11 (clk delay for UCC 2)
> IMMR_BASE + 0x14A8[18:19] = 11 (clk delay for UCC 1)
> IMMR_BASE + 0x14AC[20:27] = 10101010 (data delay for both UCC's)
> The Phy (Marvell 88e1111) should be configured NOT to work with RGMII
> delay for TxD.


Anton Vorontsov
email: cbou at mail.ru
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