[ofa-general] Re: problem in follow_hugetlb_page on ppc64 architecture with get_user_pages

Christoph Raisch RAISCH at de.ibm.com
Wed Nov 7 19:35:44 EST 2007

general-bounces at lists.openfabrics.org wrote on 06.11.2007 23:31:19:

> We should cut this down to the bare necessary and fold it into the
> libhugetlbfs testsuite.

Well, this testcase is already pretty close to the bare minimum
what's needed to run IB/RDMA queues.
You can compare this to for example ibv_rc_pingpong in libibverbs...

Maybe it's possible to test this with anything else than IB?

> --
Gruss / Regards
Christoph R

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