Problem with PHYS_64BIT on E500 Core (

Morrison, Tom tmorrison at
Wed Nov 7 02:02:57 EST 2007

I have a MPC8548E Board in which with an earlier version of 
the kernel (2.6.11++), we customized head_e500.S and other 
files to support the PHYS_64BIT & PTE_64BIT based upon 
the work done for PPC64. It works very well.

I am attempting to update our kernel to the latest and have
gotten the basic system up & running (with some hacks/problems
that I won't until I am finished). We are using cuboot.85xx 
image because our u-boot does NOT support dtb.

I noticed that the head_fsl_booke.S had the Large Physical 
Address support, and I ported the other changes required, but
I get nowhere close to the code before the processor hangs.
I have tracked it down to where it is booting into the vmlinux
(which I assume is into the head_fsl_booke.S). We haven't 
hooked a debugger up to this yet - but I am positive that it
isn't making out of this initialization code in the initial 
assembly code.

The question is: Has anyone actually tried this to do this yet?

Thanks in advance for your responses!

Tom Morrison
Principal S/W Engineer
Empirix, Inc (
tmorrison at
(781) 266 - 3567

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