[PATCH 1/2] USB: Rework OHCI PPC OF for new bindings

Valentine Barshak vbarshak at ru.mvista.com
Thu Nov 1 23:44:16 EST 2007

tnt at blacksnow.net wrote:
>>> USB_OHCI_BIG_ENDIAN_DESC/MMIO should always be enabled for ppc
>>> and USB_OHCI_LITTLE_ENDIAN is selected for USB_OHCI_HCD_PCI by default.
> I don't find those options useless. If you think the defauts are not the
> best change them but I find these options relevant. You don't always want
> the support for BE on PPC ... if the only controller you have is pci ...
> or if you're on a soc that use little endian ...

If I have just a pci controller, and don't expect to to find/use the 
built-in one, why should I need the ohci-ppc-of driver then?
I'm not aware of a soc that uses little endian, but I think that LE/BE 
still shouldn't be selected manually. It should be autoselected then, 
the same way we select LE for PCI for example.

> Do we really need to stop supporting the old values right now ?

I've resubmitted the patches with the old mpc52xx bindings support.
Keeping old ohci-be/le stuff along with the new bindings doesn't look 
good to me. However, I think we can live with the old ones and maybe 
find a better way for OF ohci support later.

> IMHO, Changing to the usb-ohci with a property sounds fine to me if you
> really want to but don't drop support for the old values. They are not
> "bad". Change the dts to reflect the fact that the new "way" is preferred
> and a comment somewhere in the code and that should be fine.


>     Sylvain


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