[PATCH 10/17] bootwrapper: Add dt_set_mac_addresses().

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Mar 22 08:58:21 EST 2007

>> Are you saying that Linux should not acknowledge the existence of the 
>> mac-address
>> property, even though it's part of the OF spec?
> Why? It's a property of the device -- the mac address it was assigned 
> by
> the vendor.

No it's not.  That info is in the "local-mac-address"
property, instead.

"mac-address" contains the address OF used for the device;
it should only be there _if_ the firmware used the device,
and it can only be different (if it is present at all) from
the "local-mac-address" if you are on ancient hardware.

Don't use "mac-address" in flat device trees.  Use
"local-mac-address" instead.


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