[RFC] (re)describing the PHY interface property

Kim Phillips kim.phillips at freescale.com
Fri Mar 9 14:07:59 EST 2007

we need to fix the interface property of the PHY nodes in the device
trees.  currently, we see things such as:

	interface = <6>; //ENET_1000_GMII

in mpc836x_mds.dts, which is bad because the speed and interface type
are conjoined.  I found a spec proposal based on response to a similar
matter on this list:


So do we go with proposal #378, and add the interface type to the end of
its comma-separated list, like this:

	supported-network-type = "ethernet,1000,,full,gmii";

or forget about proposal #378, and do something like:

	max-speed = <d#1000>;
	interface-type = "gmii";



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