[patch 30/33] PS3: Bootwrapper support.

Levand, Geoffrey Geoffrey.Levand at am.sony.com
Fri Jun 22 08:24:54 EST 2007

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From: Paul Mackerras [mailto:paulus at samba.org]
Sent: Mon 6/18/2007 11:44 PM
To: Levand, Geoffrey
Cc: Mark A. Greer; ppcdev; Milton Miller
Subject: Re: [patch 30/33] PS3: Bootwrapper support.
Geoff Levand writes:

> This is from the comment the patch adds to the wrapper script.  I think
> it gives you what you need:
> +ps3)
> +    # The ps3's loader supports loading gzipped binary images from flash
> +    # rom to addr zero. The loader enters the image at addr 0x100.  A
> +    # bootwrapper overlay is use to arrange for the kernel to be loaded
> +    # to addr zero and to have a suitable bootwrapper entry at 0x100.
> +    # To construct the rom image, 0x100 bytes from offset 0x100 in the
> +    # kernel is copied to the bootwrapper symbol __system_reset_kernel.
> +    # The 0x100 bytes at the bootwrapper symbol __system_reset_overlay is
> +    # then copied to offset 0x100.  At runtime the bootwrapper program
> +    # copies the 0x100 bytes at __system_reset_kernel to addr 0x100.

Yes, that is useful, but Mark is right, your patch description is a
bit terse, and something like that in the patch description would be

I prepared a new patch with this description and was waiting a while to get
all the comments.  I'll send it out soon.


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