[PATCH 2/8] Add uli1575 pci-bridge sector to MPC8641HPCN dts file.

Andy Fleming afleming at freescale.com
Wed Jun 6 05:16:19 EST 2007

>> I take full responsibility for that.  The CDS is a strange beast, so
>> I did some strange things in the DTS.
>> The i8259 is on a subsidiary bus, and so it's one bus #1.
> Actually, that's not strictly true. If a card containing a P2P  
> bridge is
> installed into PCI slot 4, the i8259 will end up on a bus that is not
> numbered bus 1. I've often wondered how something like that is handled
> in the DTS.

*Waves hands distractingly*

Pay no attention to the man behind the dts!

Seriously, though, it's quite fragile right now.  We probably need to  
change u-boot to correctly number those things.  And we should  
probably change the dts files for each board to have any soldered-on  
pci devices.

Right now, though, we'd settle for being able to *use* those devices  
under a default setting.


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