[patch][0/5] powerpc V2 : Add support to fully comply with IEEE-754 standard

Zhu Ebony-r57400 ebony.zhu at freescale.com
Tue Jul 31 13:36:03 EST 2007

 Hi Sergei,

I did some further tests and some development work in past several
but due to project schedule and limited bandwidth, no patches can be
to the list by now. Anyway, I will keep you and the community updated
once there
is some progress.



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> Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 10:57 PM
> To: Zhu Ebony-r57400
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> Subject: Re: [patch][0/5] powerpc V2 : Add support to fully 
> comply with IEEE-754 standard
> Hello.
> Zhu Ebony-r57400 wrote:
> >>>>>>Did you end up getting testfloat running?  I'd like to see some 
> >>>>>>testing results before accepting these patches.  I 
> think estfloat 
> >>>>>>is our best bet at this point.
> >>>>>Hi Kumar,
> >>>>>I looked into the testfloat suit, and found all the 
> instructions it 
> >>>>>tests (more than 50)should be implemented based on ASM.
> >>>>Don't follow?  Can't you build it with the e500 compiler?
> >>>The TestFloat suite provided the target of 386-Win32-gcc and 
> >>>SPARC-Solaris-gcc only, and a template for user to porting his own 
> >>>processor. Some general instructions are implemented in C, 
> but some 
> >>>CPU specific instructions like evfsmul need to be implemented 
> >>>assemblely. To build it with e500 compiler we still Have 
> some porting 
> >>>work to do.
> >>I wouldn't worry too much about the vector forms.  If the scalar 
> >>single fp and double fp test out ok the vectors are pretty much 
> >>similar enough.
> >>Lets just get the scalar versions tested and work out any issues 
> >>there.
> > OK, I will focus on scalar SFPF and DPFP versions first.
>     Any progress with this patchset?
> WBR, Sergei

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