[PATCH 2/5] ehca: Generate event when SRQ limit reached

Hoang-Nam Nguyen hnguyen at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Tue Jul 31 01:02:59 EST 2007

> BTW, does your SRQ-capable hardware support generating the "last WQE
> reached" event?  There's not any reliable way to avoid problems when
> destroying QPs attached to an SRQ without it, and the IB spec requires
> CAs that support SRQs to generate it (o11-5.2.5 in chapter 11 of vol 1).
> I don't see any code in ehca to generate the event, and IPoIB CM at
> least will be very unhappy when using SRQs if the event is not
> generated.
Thanks for this good catch. We're investigating how to implement this.
Will keep you updated.

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