[PATCH] Re: 2.6.22-git hangs during PCMCIA on PowerBook G3 in 0.0 seconds

Rutger Nijlunsing rutger at nospam.com
Sat Jul 28 08:11:31 EST 2007

> Kim
> p.s. should the stable team be notified to fix 2.6.22 for
> Lombard-nvram-style machines?

Logically, yes. 

Practically it does not matter that much it seems. I've got the
feeling the Lombard-users-group-size is about one person which is
going to drop to zero if he doesn't get any further in being able to
use _any_ PCMCIA card in his machine ;-)

For example, PCMCIA (non-cardbus) does not work on Lombard since
~2.6.12 (2 years old bug instantly crashing the kernel!) according to
own experiences, Google and own git-bisecting down to 2.6.13,
compiling and running different kernels. 2.6.12 appears to require the
'old-style' PCMCIA tools, which I do not have installed and is
therefore impossible for me to test.

  2.6.12 works with PCMCIA on Lombard:
  2.6.13 dead
    (checked with git)
  2.6.15 dead (Lombard PCMCIA problems in FC5):
  2.6.18 dead, 2.6.12 works:
  2.6.19 dead (own bug report):
  2.6.20 dead:
  2.6.22 dead (own bug report #2):

The initial reason to bisect to the now-reverting patch was to get a
working Lombard. I'd like to get this working or to help out in any
way, but I don't know how to proceed...

Rutger Nijlunsing ---------------------------------- eludias ed dse.nl
never attribute to a conspiracy which can be explained by incompetence

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