pq2fads support...

Scott Wood scottwood at freescale.com
Sat Jul 28 03:45:44 EST 2007

Alexandros Kostopoulos wrote:
> Thanks for your reply, Scott,
> one question though: I am NOT using the bootwrapper, I'm instead 
> feeding  dtb and uImage directly to u-boot. This probably means that
> I should fill  in lots of stuff manually into dts, right?

No, u-boot should fill in the same stuff.  It may require the empty
fields to be there, though (it definitely requires it if you're using
the old, non-libfdt code -- if you are, you should also remove the 
/chosen node, or else you'll get two of them).

> But, (and please forgive my  ignorance) who does actually fill in
> stuff (like e.g. clock-frequency or  bus-frequency), except, of
> course, from the trivial modifications u-boot  does to dtb? The
> wrapper script seems to do nothing more that simply  running dtc on
> dts.

In the bootwrapper case, it's the code in cuboot-pq2.c and devtree.c. 
In the no-bootwrapper case, it's u-boot.


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