need help with 8247 config; bus errors, fcc underruns, etc...

Brad Parker brad at
Fri Jul 27 01:34:54 EST 2007

Anyone have direct experience setting up an 8247?

I need some help and am willing to pay for consulting.  Please contact
me directly if interested.

Basically I have u-boot running and it will load a kernel via ethernet
(fcc).  But once the kernel starts the FCC won't transmit packets bigger
than the fifo (192 bytes) - it gets underuns.  It seems to receive fine.
And once and a while it will crash with a machine check.  Or a TEA#

I've done all the obvious things but no joy.  For some reason this one
doesn't act like the 8260 or 8248.


Brad Parker
Heeltoe Consulting

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