[PATCH 2/2] [POWERPC] MPC8349E-mITX: use platform IDE driver for CF interface

Sergei Shtylyov sshtylyov at ru.mvista.com
Thu Jul 26 04:19:11 EST 2007


Scott Wood wrote:

>>    Also, what mmio-ide in the compat properly means in the context of 
>>ide_platform which is able to handle both port and memory mapped IDE.

> I/O-space is only valid in the context of PCI, ISA, or similar buses, and
> the bus-specific reg format indicates whether it's mmio-space or
> io-space.

    You could save time on lecturing me (and use it to look on the driver ;-).

>>I think we must get rid with this crap, and since this IDE register
>>mapping is pretty much board specific, call it something like
>>"mpc8349emitx-ide" instead.

> What is board specific about a set of standard IDE registers at a given

    The regisrer mapping used is highly non-standard.

> address?  Do we need to make board-specific glue code for all of the

    We're already in board specific code, so why the heck not? :-)

> various ns16550-compatibles out there as well?

    I never suggested that -- what I did suggest was make of_serial.c 
recognize certain chip types and register them with 8250 driver.

> -Scott

MBR, Sergei

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