[PATCH] Add StorCenter DTS first draft.

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Fri Jul 20 03:03:58 EST 2007

>>>     compatible = "fsl,mpc8241-i2c", "fsl-i2c";
>> That looks good yes.  Or if the kernel side code for
>> recognising fsl,mpc8241-i2c gets merged in time, you
>> can leave out fsl-i2c from your device tree completely.
> Hmm, there are really only two fsl,i2c controllers.  The one we  
> call fsl-i2c, and the cpm-i2c controller.
> So I'd prefer we don't use fsl,mpc8241-i2c.  I'd suggest fsl,ppc- 
> i2c or something like that.

The actual name doesn't matter much, as long as it is "unique
enough"; a name that matches a name already in use in real life
is preferred; normally the name is just the name of the first
device that had this specific programming interface.

But choose whatever you want.  It is a good idea to always
put the exact name of the specific device in there, too, btw,
so you'd end up with "fsl,mpc8241-i2c", "fsl,ppc-i2c" if your
suggestion is accepted.


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