[PATCH 30/61] fsl_soc: Update the way get_brgfreq() finds things in the device tree.

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Fri Jul 20 01:09:13 EST 2007

>>> -            device_type = "cpm";
>>> -            model = "CPM2";
>>> +            compatible = "fsl,mpc8272-cpm", "fsl,cpm2", "fsl,cpm";
>> Does 'fsl,cpm' really mean anything useful?
> Yes.  It's can't be used on its own to show the complete programming
> model,

So please remove it.

> but there are lots of common things that it does indicate.

These common things can be detected differently; if all else
fails, just look for a few different "compatible" entries.

> The CPM binding is changed in so many other ways that are much  
> harder to
> make backward compatible that I don't really see much point in  
> doing so
> here.
>> Also, take a look at QE it has a similar concept.
> It'd be nice to extend this binding to include QE (and at some point
> down the road, merge the code)...  I just didn't have time this  
> time around.

If you think you'll have to seriously revise the binding again,
please mark that clearly in the documentation (there _is_
documentation, right?), so no one can complain if you break
compatibility later.


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