[PATCH 06/61] 8xx: Don't call non-existent Soft_emulate_8xx from SoftwareEmulation.

Scott Wood scottwood at freescale.com
Thu Jul 19 02:22:23 EST 2007

Kumar Gala wrote:
> On Jul 17, 2007, at 8:33 PM, Scott Wood wrote:
>> On arch/ppc, Soft_emulate_8xx was used when full math emulation was
>> turned off to emulate a minimal subset of floating point load/store
>> instructions, to avoid needing a soft-float toolchain.  This function
>> is called, but not present, on arch/powerpc, causing a build error
>> if floating point emulation is turned off.
>> As soft-float toolchains are now common, I'm deleting the call rather
>> than moving Soft_emulate_8xx over to arch/powerpc.
> We should move the Soft_emulate_8xx code over.  I see no reason to  
> break a usage model that existed in arch/ppc.

According to the comment in softemu8xx.c, the only reason for it was 
that "it was easier than trying to get the libraries compiled for 
software floating point."  Given that soft-float toolchains are easily 
had now, and that full emulation could be used if one really needs to 
work with hard-float binaries, I don't really see the need for this...

If you want to move it over and test it, though, be my guest. :-)


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