[PATCH 2/3] 82xx: Parse SMC serial device node in DTS

Scott Wood scottwood at freescale.com
Wed Jul 18 02:06:28 EST 2007

Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> On Tuesday 17 July 2007, Mark Zhan wrote:
>>>Well, AFAICS, all of them currently use scc. The 8xx platforms don't
>>>even build correctly in the mainline kernel, so I guess it would
>>>be good to change them to also list fsl,cpm-smc in the compatible
>>That probably could be done by another series of patches, and I really
>>don't want to introduce those kinds of patches in my BSP patches. I
>>don't know if the 8xx/82xx series patches from Scott Wood will cover
>>this issue or not.
> I guess he can best answer that himself. Scott, what are your plans
> to deal with the different types of cpm ports?

My patchset converts the CPM enet and serial drivers to of platform 
devices when CONFIG_PPC_MERGE is defined, and signficantly overhauls the 
device tree binding.  A 885 CPM UART would have a compatible like this:

compatible = "fsl,mpc885-smc-uart", "fsl,cpm1-smc-uart",
              "fsl,cpm1-uart", "fsl,cpm-smc-uart", "fsl,cpm-uart";


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