[PATCH 2.6.22-rc7 0/4] phy/gianfar: Fixes for gianfar and vitesse RGMII-ID support

Andy Fleming afleming at freescale.com
Tue Jul 17 11:26:57 EST 2007

A few bugs in the Vitesse PHY driver were found on the 8641D HPCN board.
Originally, they were masked by a bug in the PHY Lib which was fixed by patch 
5f708dd91d15876e26d7a57f97a255cedffca463 (Fix phy_id for Vitesse 824x PHY).
That patch allowed the Vitesse PHY to bind on the 8641D HPCN board, thereby
exposing a bug in the interrupt handling and a bug in the configuration of
the PHY.  This sequence of patches fixes the irq handling bug, then fixes 
the configuration bug in 3 places:

1) The Vitesse PHY driver
2) The gianfar driver (needs to pass in the mode correctly for internal delay)
3) The OF device tree for arch/powerpc boards

You can apply the following patches, or pull them directly:

The following changes since commit c5e3ae8823693b260ce1f217adca8add1bc0b3de:
  Ayaz Abdulla (1):
        forcedeth bug fix: realtek phy

are found in the git repository at:

  http://opensource.freescale.com/pub/scm/linux-2.6-85xx.git netdev

Andy Fleming (4):
      Fix Vitesse 824x PHY interrupt acking
      Add phy-connection-type to gianfar nodes
      Fix Vitesse RGMII-ID support
      Fix RGMII-ID handling in gianfar

 Documentation/powerpc/booting-without-of.txt |    6 +++
 arch/powerpc/boot/dts/mpc8641_hpcn.dts       |    4 ++
 arch/powerpc/sysdev/fsl_soc.c                |    9 +++++
 drivers/net/gianfar.c                        |   12 ++++++-
 drivers/net/phy/vitesse.c                    |   46 +++++++++++++++++++++++---
 include/linux/fsl_devices.h                  |    1 +
 6 files changed, 72 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

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