[patch 3/6] Add 8548 CDS PCI express controller node and PCI-X device node

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Tue Jul 17 01:00:45 EST 2007

>>>> is this the only fix, I've already applied a version of this to my
>>>> tree (with the irq sense fix) and just want to make sure there  
>>>> isn't
>>>> anything else.
>>> I do not get more.
>>> I'd like to enroll Segher's suggestion together with VIA chip  
>>> function
>>> in next step.
>>> We need to make basic pcie work on 8548 CDS board first.
>> If you can, please make the "compatible" properties correct
>> ("pcie" instead of "pciex") before the patch goes in; it'll
>> be less work total and less confusing in the end.
> I've taken care of that as well.
> They are now 'fsl,mpc8548-pcie, and 'fsl,mpc8641-pcie'

Perfect, thanks!


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