[PATCH v2] Allow exec on 32-bit from readable, non-exec pages, with a warning.

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Mon Jul 16 22:55:34 EST 2007

>>>> Actually I see no good reason to enforce no-exec at all if we  
>>>> can't do
>>>> it consistently.  And if we're not going to enforce it then  
>>>> there is
>>>> no point whinging about it.
>>> I have a new patch with just this behaviour, Scott is
>>> testing it on old glibc (I think it succeeded, need
>>> confirmation though),
>> It worked fine on glibc 2.2.5 and 2.3.3 (the former of which failed
>> without the patch).
> It sounds like this is a candidate for stable 2.6.22.x as well

Yes, it replaces the previous patch and is a bugfix to it.

> once you release the patch.

The only reason I didn't send it out immediately was to not
confuse things further with a broken patch ;-)


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