2.6.22 flash boot

Marc Leeman marc.leeman at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 05:40:13 EST 2007

With the release of the 2.6.22, our boards didn't boot anymore. I traced
the change back to 2.6.21-git10/2.6.21-git11. 

The reason they didn't boot was that the kernel  didn't detect the flash
where the root filesystem is stored on. The boards boot without an
initrd, directly from flash.

A file was removed (rom.c) and mentioned as obsolete in the ChangeLog.

att'd is the patch to restore the file against 2.6.22 since restoring
this file allow the boards to boot again (i.e. detect mtdblocks as

Am I missing something here?

Judging by the dts files, a number of other boards seem to be using a
similar flash configuration as I do.

  greetz, marc
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