[PATCH] fix idr_get_new_above id alias bugs

Chuck Ebbert cebbert at redhat.com
Fri Jul 13 07:56:59 EST 2007

On 07/12/2007 05:35 PM, Andrew Morton wrote:
>> With this patch, idr.c should work as advertised allocating id
>> values in the range 0...0x7fffffff.  Andrew had speculated that
>> it should allow the full range 0...0xffffffff to be used.  I was
>> tempted to make changes to allow this, but it would require changes
>> to API, e.g. making the starting id value and the return value
>> unsigned.
> Problem.  There are a large number of IDR changes pending and this
> patch breaks in way which I am not at all confident in fixing.
> Originarily I'd just dump the earlier patches because bugfixes come
> first.  But this time there's a very large dependency trail on the
> earlier patches (especially Tejun's extensive sysfs rework in Greg's
> driver tree) so the wreckage would be extensive.
> Also, it's possible that Tejun's changes already fixed some of the things
> which you fixed.  Or added new bugs ;)
> Bottom line: a reworked patch against 2.6.22-rc6-mm1 would be muchly
> appreciated if poss, please.
> While you're there, it would be helpful if you could review all these
> pending IDR changes:
> ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/akpm/patches/2.6/2.6.22-rc6/2.6.22-rc6-mm1/broken-out/gregkh-driver-ida-implement-idr-based-id-allocator.patch
> ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/akpm/patches/2.6/2.6.22-rc6/2.6.22-rc6-mm1/broken-out/gregkh-driver-idr-fix-obscure-bug-in-allocation-path.patch
> ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/akpm/patches/2.6/2.6.22-rc6/2.6.22-rc6-mm1/broken-out/gregkh-driver-idr-separate-out-idr_mark_full.patch
> ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/akpm/patches/2.6/2.6.22-rc6/2.6.22-rc6-mm1/broken-out/lib-add-idr_for_each.patch
> ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/akpm/patches/2.6/2.6.22-rc6/2.6.22-rc6-mm1/broken-out/lib-add-idr_for_each-fix.patch
> ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/akpm/patches/2.6/2.6.22-rc6/2.6.22-rc6-mm1/broken-out/lib-add-idr_remove_all.patch

The first three just got merged into mainline...

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