[patch 5/6] Update the 83xx/85xx/86xx boards device tree

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Jul 12 04:49:11 EST 2007

>>> Indentify pci, pcie host by compatible property
>>> "fsl,mpc83xx-pci","83xx"
>>> "fsl,mpc85xx-pci","85xx"
>>> "fsl,mpc86xx-pci","86xx"
>>> and
>>> "fsl, mpc85xx-pciex","85xx"
>>> "fsl, mpc86xx-pciex","86xx"
>> This can't ever work --
> It works!

How can any driver match for "85xx" if two completely different
devices use it as device name?

>> if you see "compatible" = "85xx",
>> what is it?
> That's why I remove the original compatible "85xx".

All entries in "compatible" are independent of each other.  So
there still is a "85xx" in there.

>>   PCI or PCIe?  Or something else perhaps, maybe
>> a CPU or an I2C controller or who-knows-what?
> I just think the compatible field
> "fsl,mpc83xx-pci","83xx"
> has some redundant information.
> Kumar don't want to break anything using the old
> information.

Yes, you can keep the existing "compatible" for, ahem,
compatibility reasons -- but that doesn't mean you should
add "85xx" to new (incompatible!) nodes.

> We can remove it in the future:-).

I hope so :-)


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