[PATCH] do firmware feature fixups after features are initialised

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Wed Jul 11 21:06:25 EST 2007

> There are two possibly solutions I see in the long run:
>  - We could set the FW features earlier on pseries, though that is  
> a bit
> annoying because that means doing it before the device-tree is
> unflattened.
>  - We could constraint lmb_alloc to the first segment until the FW  
> fixup
> occurs, either within lmb_alloc itself, or fixup the callers such as
> unflatten_device_tree, to pass an explicit limit.

c) use a different SLB handler during early boot;
d) preload some SLB entries at very early boot to cover
    the first 4GB or so.

d) sounds nice and simple, but will it work?


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