[PATCH v2] Allow exec on 32-bit from readable, non-exec pages, with a warning.

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Wed Jul 11 10:16:15 EST 2007

>> In older versions of glibc (through 2.3), the dynamic linker  
>> executes a
>> small amount of code from the data segment, which is not marked as
>> executable.  A recent change (commit  
>> 9ba4ace39fdfe22268daca9f28c5df384ae462cf)
>> stops this from working; there should be a deprecation period before
>> older glibc versions stop working.
> Actually I see no good reason to enforce no-exec at all if we can't do
> it consistently.  And if we're not going to enforce it then there is
> no point whinging about it.

I have a new patch with just this behaviour, Scott is
testing it on old glibc (I think it succeeded, need
confirmation though), I'll have it tested on new glibc
tomorrow.  So patch tomorrow, and let's try to forget
about all this after that, eh?  :-)

> When I applied Segher's original patch I thought that we had the
> read-implies-exec stuff enabled for the affected CPUs, but it turns
> out we don't.  (We only have that stuff turned on for 32-bit processes
> on 64-bit cpus - see elf_read_implies_exec in include/asm-powerpc/ 
> elf.h.)

I never thought "real code" would rely on executing stuff
it didn't map as executable before.  Silly me.  In my
defense, no one else noticed in time either ;-)


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