[PATCH 1/4] Add DMA sector to Documentation/powerpc/booting-without-of.txt file.

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Wed Jul 11 00:01:19 EST 2007

> +   k) DMA
> +
> +   This sector define DMA for dma-engine driver of Freescale

It's called a "device node" or "node", not a "sector".

> +    - compatible : Should be "fsl,mpc8xxx-dma"

Should _include_, not should _be_.  And none of this xxx
business, of course.

> +    - extended : Set the DMA channel to work at extended chain mode.
> +                 If not set, the DMA channel will work at basic
> +                 chain mode.

Call it "extended-chain-mode", perhaps?

> +    - reserved : Reserve the DMA channel to device.

What does this do?  Reserve it for what device, and where?
The OS driver?


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