[PATCH 06/13] IB/ehca: Set SEND_GRH flag for all non-LL UD QPs on eHCA2

Christoph Raisch RAISCH at de.ibm.com
Wed Jul 11 02:35:49 EST 2007

> What decides if a QP is LL or not?
>  - R.
Currently we use a high bit in the QP type, which is not how we want to
keep it permanently.
What would you suggest, add two additional LL QP types, or change something
more fundamental
in libibverbs and kernel ib core?
We think we can get along quite well with the existing parameters in the
current create QP.
The current user-kernel interface is ok for these new QPs for post_send +
but unfortunately the libibverbs userspace calls don't match exactly how
the LL queues are to be used.
We would need something like the LL QP interface in libehca in libibverbs
to keep that interface generic.

We didn't see a usage yet for LL QP in kernel, so maybe we should continue
discussion on general at openfabrics only.
We could provide example code in libehca/samples if needed.

Gruss / Regards
Christoph + Nam

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