[PATCH 00/13] IB/ehca: eHCA2 enablement & some fixes

Joachim Fenkes fenkes at de.ibm.com
Mon Jul 9 23:02:21 EST 2007

This patch series enables the eHCA device driver to support new functions of
the eHCA2 chip. In addition, there are some bug fixes, code optimizations
and general new features included. Another set of patches will follow.

The patches, in detail, are:

[01/13] fixes a wrong parameter description
[02/13] adds HW capabilities autodetection
[03/13] restructures the QP code, preparing for Share Receive Queues (SRQ)
[04/13] adds SRQ support
[05/13] adds support for UD low latency QPs
[06/13] sets a flag that needs to be set on eHCA2
[07/13] adds RDMA atomic attributes to the data returned by query_qp()
[08/13] straightens out lock flag naming and adds static initializers
[09/13] refactors synchronization between completions and destroy_cq()
[10/13] changes the global idr spinlocks into rwlocks
[11/13] returns the QP pointer in poll_cq() instead of NULL
[12/13] adds notifications in case the SM LID etc. changes
[13/13] adds a slight latency improvement

The patches should apply cleanly, in order, against Roland's git. Please
review the changes and apply the patches for 2.6.23 if they are okay.


Joachim Fenkes  --  eHCA Linux Driver Developer and Hardware Tamer
IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH  --  Dept. 3627 (I/O Firmware Dev. 2)
Schoenaicher Strasse 220  --  71032 Boeblingen  --  Germany
eMail: fenkes at de.ibm.com

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